Flora Huynh

Communications & Administrative Assistant

Hello! I'm Flora (she/they) and I am the Communications and Administrative Assistant for the Office of Arts + Design. I help coordinate our communication efforts mainly through our social media, newsletter, and website 📲⁠

I am a fourth-year majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Journalism and Food Systems, with an interest in forms of storytelling. I am involved in The Daily Californian (@thedesigndesk) as a graphic artist and at Spoon University (spoon_berkeley) as a photographer 📸⁠ In my free time, I love to play volleyball 🏐, make content, and cook/bake (@florasnoms) 🍪⁠

If you'd like to reach out, you can find me at fghuynh@berkeley.edu. ⁠

Flora Huynh poses for a portrait in a blue top in front of Eucalyptus trees.