Vivian Kammerer

Student Engagment Coordinator

Hello! I am Vivan (they/them), the Student Engagement Coordinator for the Office of Arts + Design. I lead the Office of Arts + Design Coalition which is a network of music, performing and visual arts, and design student organizations to find members, advertise events, and receive support 🤝⁠If you or someone you know is interested in joining this network, feel free to contact me at!⁠

I am a junior triple majoring in Film and Media, Art History, and Ancient Middle Eastern cultures with a particular interest in the ways that climate and the environment interact with art 🌎⁠ One of my ambitions is to start a business that does research and consulting for record labels and stores to assist the vinyl industry 💽 in reaching their goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, as well as finding alternative materials to create LPs. ⁠I am also the Film Chair for the BAMPFA Student Committee 🎬and am the music director for the acapella chamber choir Perfect Fifth.⁠

Vivian Kammerer poses for a portrait, crossing their arms and looking away from the camera.